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Outlaw Bikers or Masonic Ambassadors

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Widows Sons: Outlaw Bikers or Masonic Ambassadors

2018 marked the twentieth anniversary of the creation of the Widows Sons, with 2019 marking the fifteenth anniversary of the Widows Sons starting in the UK.

We are fully recognised, and approved by the United Grand Lodge of England, even featuring prominently on the main page of their website. We have had articles about us in multiple issues of “The Square Magazine”, as well as being often mentioned in “Freemasonry Today”, and were the main part of the third episode of Sky’s five-part documentary series “Inside the Freemasons”.

Even so, until recently, not many brethren had heard of us, or knew what it is we do, they may have just seen us an Outlaw biker gang. To be fair we do have some scary looking members.

To help spread word about us, especially in the Province of North Wales, I wrote a talk originally called “Widows Sons – Brotherhood Squared” which I would give at Lodge meetings as a brief introduction of where we came from, who we are, and what we do.

So, who are the Widows Sons?

Are we just a group of patch wearing “Outlaw Bikers”, or if not, how can we claim to be ambassadors for freemasonry if bikers cause so much fear and concern everywhere they go?


I have to declare an interest in that the author sent me a review copy. That said if he hadn’t I would have bought a copy to find out more about this interesting offshoot to Freemasonry. Freemasonry draws its members from all walks of life but they all share an interest in Brotherly Love, Charity and the study if the important questions of life, such as Why do we exist?

Wayne Owens, the author of this little book, is a well-respected Freemason, an organiser supporter of the Blood Bikes charity and a motorcycle nut. He brings all these qualities into the wring this little book of explanation of an eccentric charitable organisation which brings together Freemasons who like and ride motorbikes together for social events and work together to support various charities.

They wear leathers, crash helmets and symbolic badges and this little book tells you how they got together and what they do. I enjoyed it, even though I no longer have a motorbike, and I suspect any one with interest in Freemasonry and motorcycles will enjoy it too.

Dr Robert Lomas

Author, Scientist, Freemason

This is an excellent account of the Masonic bikers, and how they contribute to the broad church of Freemasonry, setting out their aims, and history which will be of interest to both Freemasons, and non-Freemasons alike.

The author writes with clarity, and avoids the use of jargon, so that the content of his publication can be read without having any knowledge of the subject matter.

For anyone interested in either biking, or charitable endeavours, this is surely the book you will want to have on your bookshelves.

Marc Quigley-Ferriday

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